A Clearinghouse for Martensdale-St. Marys Community Schools Professional Development

Monday, September 13, 2010

Professional Development Day 1 (Secondary)

To begin our use of this forum, please respond to the following questions using discussion with your PLC members:

How has the 1:1 laptop initiative changed your classroom?

How are students adapting to the change?

What successes have you experienced?

What challenges are you facing?

What would you like to be doing in your classroom that you aren’t doing yet? How might your PLC help you with this?

This will allow teachers from across the district to read, respond to, and ask questions posed in your groups. We are all looking forward to your responses and team learning experiences.


  1. PLC #1


    1-access current information, edit more information, text book online information, able to use note taking more effectively, online science labs

    2- Overall pretty well

    3- More excited about education

    4- Monitoring skype, staying on task, copy issues, not able to do everything on the computer

    5- Incorporate more technology into lessons, exchange of ideas and problem solving

  2. PLC #4: Sherwood, Davidson, Folkerts, Butcher, Condon

    The laptop initiative has kept students busy. They can get on and complete work instantly. The classrooms are quiet and we aren’t having the problems with cell phones. We aren’t sure what they are doing on the laptops but it is holding their concentration. We are also getting through the material more quickly than in previous years. Internet connection allows students to work more efficiently.
    Mrs. Sherwood’s class has really enjoyed the troubleshooting aspect of the laptops. She has seen her students take an initiative and receive positive feedback for their work.
    The students seem excited about the change; although Skype has been a problem.
    Students seem distracted and some have noticed a poor quality of work on assignments.

    The students have done very well figuring things out for themselves. There has been adjustment with a few elements of saving, logging in and adding printers, but they have learned quickly.
    They are showing responsibility with the laptops. We think they take pride in owning one and have been cautious about handling them.

    PSEO: doesn’t require as many updates for programs and students can store all of their information on their laptops and work from home.
    It gives them a little more freedom and trains them to be responsible.
    The wireless network has been a big improvement in how efficiently they are working. This is true for us as teachers too.
    The internet has provided a wealth of current, relevant information for students. I find myself using our textbooks less each day.

    Charging the laptops has been a challenge. Students aren’t doing it at night and are having to do it during class time.
    Inappropriate content or activity on the laptops
    Our laptops and their laptops aren’t compatible.

    I would like to post their assignments and research links.
    I would like to get a website up and running that is connected to the homepage.

  3. 1. Enhances presentation, helps students illustrate notes, and provides depth to instruction. Also computer aided instruction is easier to use. Lends to differentiation and rigor and relevance.

    2. Adapting very well. Some have trouble typing. A lot of kids are interacting with each other trouble shooting and advising on where to find information.

    3. Students with disabilities are more receptive to tasks that were previously a challenge for them. This allows them to be more socially accepted and active. Definitely interactions.

    4. SKYPE MUSIC YOUTUBE Management for these things while doing classwork. Finding all of the diverse uses for the technology in the classroom.

    5. Set up blog in class and have everyone on the blog at once, responding to each other, with no verbal influence.