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Monday, November 8, 2010

Iowa Core/Common Core Fact Sheet

For the first part of PD today (Wednesday, November 10th), we will spend a little time discussing the Iowa Core/Common Core in our PLC groups. The focus of the discussion centers on a document labeled "Common Core Fact Sheet" in the "Professional Development" folder in the Teacher Common. This document was shared with the Iowa Core Leadership Team during their attendance at the October Leadership meeting in Indianola.
The team felt it would be a good vehicle for initiating discussion and generating questions about the Iowa Core/Common Core and its impact on our district. Use the comment feature to post your questions to the group. When we meet on November 17th, the Iowa Core Leadership Team will (attempt) to answer these questions during the first part of our PD time. Please do think critically about the content of the "Common Core Fact Sheet" - we want to utilize the collective knowledge of our staff to ensure a clear understanding of these ideas as well as provide some problem-solving and support for all.


  1. PLC Group #1: Caleb, Don, Noel Paula

    We just had a few questions...

    Why have other states not jumped on the bandwagon yet?

    Who will determine how the common state standards will stay updated and constantly maintain them?

  2. When will it be expanded to science and social studies?

  3. Iowa Core Reflection

    How has Iowa’s early involvement helped school districts prepare for meeting the new national Common Core expectations?

    Iowa governor Chet Culver has been a great supporter of the work to provide a set of common core standards. How will the support change with the new governor?

    Will everything we have done over the last few years for Iowa Core change and need modified to meet the new standards?

    Will science, social studies, and 21st century skills ever be considered as important in the core standards as math and literacy – meaning will their test scores be used to enhance education in those areas?

    Should we be worried about loss of local control over what we teach and how we teach?

    Kara, Kate, Amanda, Barb

  4. by Mollie, Amanda P., Dianne, Jen P., Sara F.

    1. How soon will we be looking to update outdated materials? Will this still be based on the schedule we were shown the previous year?
    2. Will we, as teachers, be asked to compare current standards / benchmarks to the updated Common Core? If yes, then when will this be asked to be completed? Will we be paid for the work?
    3. Are there any new reporting requirements from teachers? If yes, then what?
    4. Will we be completing new curriculum maps for all teachers to use to guide their teaching based on the Common Core and Iowa Core?